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The Significance of the Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Rubber and Plastics
China has become the largest consumer of rubber resources. More than 70% of natural rubber, more than 40% of synthetic rubber need to import, the contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent. A total of about 60 million tons of waste plastics are produced every year, and the overall recovery rate of waste plastics is only 26.7%. The efficient use and recycling of resources and energy is one of the most important topics in the 21st century.
Vigorously carrying out comprehensive utilization of waste rubber and plastic, development of waste rubber and plastic industry circular economy can alleviate the shortage of rubber resources in China, reduce dependence on imported rubber resources, protect the environment to reduce white pollution and also promote the important measures of waste rubber and plastic industry energy conservation and emission reduction. It has important strategic and practical significance.
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